Display AdWords network banners: design 5 tips for using the Crowdsourced AD banner

by admin on June 16, 2011

In several recent publications on how to get more volume for the content network and to get more leads from PPC we talked about leveraging the content network to extend campaigns in AdWords and attract more prospects through PPC.

Most advertisers know how to get started with Google’s search network and even with the creation of specific content network campaigns, but the area that often journeys to advertisers — particularly new advertisers or those who seek to expand beyond their original structures – building display campaigns using Google AdWords, or creating banners for display in the content network. Many times the stumbling block here is more about designing creative (banner ads) from around the mechanics of creating a structure for your campaigns on the content network.

For this reason, we will walk through a relatively painless way to create an initial set of banners for use in the AdWords content network, using the crowdsourced banner design.

99 Designs LogoThis is a tactic I’ve been with a lot lately, and is often a great way to jump-start the creation of a banner of a new campaign, where you don’t have a very strong, specific ideas that you want to perform against. You can affect crowdsourced design platform like 99 designs (there are other options here, but not all offer banner design) to create new projects of banner advertising – the advantage here is that you are able to get many different design perspective, you can either iterate or test. It is a bit like “broad match” to the banner design.

Create a “project” is in fact quite simple, but here are five tips that I found useful in getting the maximum from your project and your short:

1. the shall have the right point person -someone with time to devote to the process of review, which also has decision-making ability of Creative “own” the choice of the design process. One of the advantages in using a platform like this is that it is relatively cheap (a few hundred dollars), a great way to make the process less effective (of both time and cost/resource perspective) is to overcomplicate things with too many cooks in the kitchen. If you agency party project as this, try to keep the number of people involved in picking the winner of the two at the most (one side of your edge, one of the customer). Also want someone with a good chunk of time to devote to the project.

2. Write a detailed brief – this is good advice for any project for the design of the crowdsourced, but giving a very really specific details of your project is great. Include such things as the types of objects, your ad will appear on, what is your suggestion, link to the site, as well as all ‘ mark set ‘ types of materials, you have that would be useful for the designer (your logo, standard colors of your company, etc.). If you have already tried some banners which are, or may not work for the various types of projects, you can even include these, or to give a description of the things that work and things that don’t. Also always give examples of other companies, like banners when you can find some good ones, because it helps designers get a feel for what you are looking for for a gate.

3. Retroactive Batches of -again, this is sound advice for any project for crowdsourced design, but offers many feedback of as many of the designs, as you can be very useful. Assessing the design and tell designers what you like, dislike and would like to see that have changed. This is obviously the value of obtaining iterations of existing projects, which will be closer to the place in which you want to be, but an additional advantage is that designers will see your feedback not only their designs, but other designs and to get more from a sense of what you want. In addition, while I’m not a designer myself, I’ve heard that as designers look at contests, they may choose, partly based on how active poster project is to provide feedback (both because it helps to ensure better design, and because this is a sign that the poster is more likely to pay in good time, actually).

4. in particular, for the Pick two winners – 99Designs has a function, which you can select the second winner for the discounted price (I think it is ~ 50% outside the second design). As with all AD copy and landing page test, you need at least two variations to test different ideas, layouts and concepts so that planning to try to get to pick two winners and two different concepts is a great way to focus in more project related. The 99Designs currently you can wind up with two really solid designs for a total of ~ $ 300. It should be noted that most likely will pick two winners and you want to see at least two different concepts in your short.

5. the Spend money on additional designs, no additives or better prizes – this may be somewhat controversial among designers (and everything is trying to sell supplements), but in my experience you get more bang for your Buck if you choose a lower priced options both in terms of solutions, and additives. I have not seen it consistently significant difference in quality in doling, larger awards for projects and/or amplification of certain instruments, such as having your list which are illuminated. For this reason, and because often for advertising copy and creative is surprising, for lower quality so as to win – personally I find more value in generating more designs than in countering, in the amount of the prizes or additives, leveraging.

Crowdsourced design banner certainly is not the only possibility of having banners, intended for the display of the network, but can be particularly effective in cases where you don’t have a strong vision to graphic designer to run against and get you a number of designs and concepts for relatively cheap-which allows you to quickly and effectively extend your access on the Google content network.

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